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Our consultants are well-trained and experienced in sourcing, recruiting, interviewing and selecting the best talent available in the Singapore market to fulfill the short and long term needs of our client companies. We provide recruitment specialists across different industries, and currently support a large regional network of contractors from a broad range of industries. In today’s fast-pace economy, we strive to supply the most flexible recruitment and HR solutions to organizations of all sizes from all across the Asia Pacific region, to help them keep up with the latest changes in the industry.

Recruitment & Executive Search in Singapore

  • With the ever-growing need for professional and talented employees, we offer a one-stop service to meet all of our clients’ staffing needs across all industry sectors.Our experienced and friendly recruitment consultants take pride in providing efficient and cost-effective recruitment solutions.

Contract Staffing Services in Singapore

  • We help our clients keep up with the constant change in today’s marketplace, by providing timely and effective solutions to their short-term staffing needs.We are able to supply suitable contract personnel for a specified period of time as required by our clients, thus enabling them to fulfill their job requirements without incurring long-term costs.

Total Manpower Outsourcing Services

  • We help our clients to reduce and optimize the cost of its workforce through our manpower / workforce outsourcing solution. We have a pool of well-trained and experienced staff who can render their service and be deployed at our client’s office on a long-term basis.We will manage all staffing matters (including recruitment, back-fill, payroll, training, career development, job rotation, staff counseling, etc) on behalf of our clients, so that they can focus on their core businesses.

Global Staff Talent Search & Development Singapore

  • Good human capital and talents are essential to every organization. We have the ability to source and search for suitably qualified talents from all over the world to meet our client’s staffing needs.In the Asia Pacific region, we have a strong network of candidates from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.

Payroll Processing Services Singapore

  • We offer payroll processing services to our valued clients in assisting them on all salary and payroll matters, including pay computation and payment, claims processing, commission / bonus payment, generation of pay-slips and income tax returns.We use computerized payroll system to facilitate our processing, which not only ensure prompt payment, but also ensure that all salary data is kept in a confidential manner.

HR Advisory & Consultancy Services Singapore

  • We have accumulated vast knowledge and experience in various HR and staffing matters, and can provide value-add advice to our clients, which may include salary guidelines, training matters, employment and labor laws, immigration issues, etc.

Client Benefits

  • Client benefits are a central aspect in establishing our working relationship with our clients. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Singapore, we focus on providing cost-effective and value-added services to help our clients save cost. Our trained consultants are experienced in carrying out advanced job search and talent recruitment to suit your business needs. We provide cost-free interviews with prospective employees for our clients, in addition to a host of other key recruitment services that we provide for our clients to reduce their costs.

The EPS Recruitment Singapore Advantage:

  • Database of over 200,000 active candidates
  • Strong Manpower Resource Database
  • Ability to conduct mass walk-in interviews and deploy large pool of corporate workforce
  • Over 80 experienced HR & IT consultants with strong IT recruitment experience
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Quality candidates assured with warranty coverage
  • High value-added and cost-effective services

Key Facts

  • A Market Leader in Executive Search, IT Recruitment and General Recruitment Services in Singapore
  • Based in Singapore with regional offices all over the APAC region
  • Current staff strength of over 600 corporate staff in Singapore
  • Over 500 corporate and government clients
  • Accredited manpower agency in Singapore and APAC
  • Accredited a Top SME company in Singapore