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EPS Consultants is an award-winning recruitment and executive search firm. We are constantly looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Asia-Pacific team as recruitment consultants

EPS Consultants is always looking out for fresh graduates with a passion for recruitment. Our consultants are among the best in the industry with specialist knowledge in different fields of recruitment, executive search and manpower outsourcing. EPS Consultants serves a wide clientele from large MNCs to local SMEs in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific. If you are keen to join us as a recruitment consultant, we want to hear from you!

As a recruitment consultant, the main responsibilities are to perform the full spectrum of the recruitment process (from posting of advertisements, sourcing to offering and onboarding stages).

You must have strong communication/interpersonal skills, the ability to be analytical, positive mindset, a hunger for knowledge/learning and a never say never attitude.

“I believe that one of the reasons I was hired is due to my mentality that learning does not end after one graduate and willingness to take up new challenges.” Pin Yi Lee, fresh graduate and recruitment consultant at EPS Consultants

Working at EPS, you will obtain an in-depth understanding on how the IT industry work (with the different types of positions available and the differences between each of them). In addition, you will sharpen your communication skills further, by understanding the proper communication practices (terminologies etc) when sourcing for/speaking to candidates of different positions in the IT industry.

“EPS has provided various opportunities to further improve my skillset, not restricted to recruitment. In addition, in EPS, everyone is always willing to help each other out without any ulterior motive, so there is hardly any office politics.” Pin Yi Lee, fresh graduate and recruitment consultant at EPS Consultants

One key benefit of working at EPS is the opportunities that the company provides to improve yourself due to our belief in lifelong learning. For example, the company will send you out for courses that will help to directly/indirectly improve your client facing skills. In addition, the company will also send you out for corporate events with plenty of networking opportunities for business development. 


  • A degree in any discipline from a good university
  • Excellent team player and communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task and handle complex operations
  • Highly motivated, resourceful and fun
  • Sharp business acumen

How to apply

1. Application

For interested applicants, please email your resume to . If you are shortlisted, you are invited to attend an interview.

2. Interview

The interview session is a great opportunity for you to know more about us and what we are doing at EPS, it is also a platform for us to get to know more about your potential and strengths.

3. Results

EPS will inform you the results of your interview via email/phone.


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