Internship Program at EPS Consultants

EPS Consultants is always looking to recruit interns with a fresh new perspective - whether you are new to the recruitment industry or want to learn more about our business, we want to hear from you!

EPS Consultants is always looking for interns with fresh new perspectives and ideas.

As an intern at EPS Consultants, you will be treated like full-time staff with close supervision and training opportunities. Our interns are working on different aspects of the business including recruitment, business development, digital marketing and client communications.

For the recruitment side, you will be executing the whole recruitment process, from sourcing of candidates, reviewing their suitability, conducting interviews to assisting in contract signing and on-boarding activities to successfully achieve closure of engineer roles. On the business development side, you will help EPS to grow and acquire new clients. You will also do some digital marketing activities such as updating social media, creating presentations, conducting market researches, competitor monitoring and benchmark.

“During my Internship in EPS, I have gained so much exposure that I never had before when I was back in school. I am inspired to pursue IT at the next level because I was truly inspired in EPS where my supervisor shared their experiences with me to give me a new mindset and perspective.” Eugene Lee, intern at EPS Consultants

EPS staffs are friendly, kind and easy-going. Do you want to join the team?

How to apply

1. Application

For interested applicants, please email your resume to . If you are shortlisted, you are invited to attend an interview.

2. Interview

The interview session is a great opportunity for you to know more about us and what we are doing at EPS, it is also a platform for us to get to know more about your potential and strengths.

3. Results

EPS will inform you the results of your interview via email/phone.


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