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EPS is one of the largest IT Contract Staffing and manpower outsourcing companies in Singapore, providing a comprehensive suite of services to our clients tailored to their needs. 

We outsource our manpower resources on a fixed term (also known as Contract Staff service) to provide services in many areas such as Info- Communications Technology (ICT), Telecommunications, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Administration and Sales & Marketing to our clients who wish to use EPS to supplement their manpower needs in their business operations. All External contract staff are sourced and hired directly under EPS’ payroll and we manage their salary and benefits, charging the client a monthly fee for the service.

Our Services

EPS Consultants provides one-stop services provider in the field of employment with the following staffing services:

  1. Temporary Staffing Services – typically used for short-term basis to allow more flexibility on the on the contractual period
  2. Contract Staffing Services – typically used for more than 1 year and above contract basis, subject to renewal at the end of contract period. This is especially useful for companies to have a understanding of candidates during the contract period before hiring them as permanent headcount
  3. Payroll services – Support and manage all necessary administration work such as payroll, insurance, compensation, work pass application, leave and claim management etc.

Why Choose Us – The EPS Advantage

Dedicated Account Manager and team

It is as per EPS’ practice to assign an Account Manager to liaise directly with the client on any commercial and contractual matters such as deliverables, problem escalation and resolution related to contract issues, staff matters, new business requirements etc. The EPS account manager assumes the full responsibility of successful management of operations of the account and is supported by a team of well-trained consultants who can ensure the effective and prompt delivery of services to our clients.

Well-trained and experienced HR practitioners

As a strong support team of IT recruitment consultants for the clients, we have acquired invaluable experience in IT recruitment, management and retention of contract staff hired directly under our payroll and outsourced them to businesses in various industries in Singapore for more than 20 years. Over this period of time, we have hired more than 5,000 professionals under our payroll providing invaluable services to our clients in various industries in Singapore.

Large database

In addition, we have an existing pool of contract staff under our payroll where it provides a strong base for us meet our clients’ manpower needs by providing job rotation opportunities for our staffs. We also do have a large database of pre-screened and qualified candidates that are updated timely by our IT recruitment agents. Currently, our database contains more than 100,000 resumes on candidates who are actively on the lookout for new job opportunities.

Staff management services

Our methodology for hiring, managing and retaining contract staff does not stay constant all the time but improved continuously over the years which has so far been successful in ensuring that our contract staff attrition rate is relatively low compared to other companies. EPS adopts a stringent attitude when it comes to retaining contract staff for our clients because minimizing disruption to our clients’ business operations is of utmost importance to us. This focus on retaining and managing our contract staff well has been instrumental in ensuring an amicable working tripartite relationship among the 3 parties; the client, staff and EPS.

EPS Consultants provides a full spectrum of staffing solutions including:

Temporary Staffing Services  

We provide temporary staffing solutions to meet your short-term to medium-term hiring needs

Contract Staffing Services 

We have a proven track record of providing contract staffing services for our clients at low cost

Executive Search

We find the best people for your business with our experienced team of recruitment consultants

Payroll Processing

We take care of payroll processing so that you can focus on growing your business

Work Pass Management

We take care of work pass management and compliance issues for hiring foreign or local staff


Outsource your recruitment needs to us and we’ll take care of the rest to suit your business needs

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