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Singapore has been known as a hub of the cyber-security sector in the Asia Pacific region and has been a top-ranked country in cybersecurity index released by the United Nations. The result of society’s growing reliance on digital systems has caused a surge in attention to cybersecurity. Companies that hold confidential client data, accounts, personnel files and business plans are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Considering the rise in cyber attacks, it has become growing global importance to practice cybersecurity in this digital world.

Cybersecurity has also created new job opportunities. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for candidates who can solve and execute solutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of cybersecurity. However, the greatest cybersecurity threat is the lack of cyber professionals in the industry. Though there are many new job opportunities, there seems to be a shortage of experts. Hence, companies need to generate new strategies to attract cybersecurity talents to achieve the success of cybersecurity recruitment.


With cybersecurity becoming increasingly important to companies’ systems, the demand for professionals in the cybersecurity industry has escalated. Since data is a valuable asset for companies, it is essential for companies to hire the right talent to combat cyber attacks. Thus, cybersecurity recruitment is necessary to deliver the efficiency of data protection.


Recruiting cybersecurity talents is not an easy task. Especially in this industry, there is a shortage of skilled professionals with specific experience and qualifications. Whether a company wants to recruit cybersecurity experts internally or use an external provider, it is a challenge as the demand outruns the supply. It will typically take months of searching and effort to fill cybersecurity-related positions.

Given that there is a shortage of talents in the cybersecurity industry, many companies are struggling to compete and hire highly-qualified candidates. Companies can instead recruit passionate candidates as it might be a more competent approach as long as extra training can be provided to groom them into high-skilled cybersecurity professionals. Besides providing extra training, companies can engage with recruitment agencies who specialise in the IT industry or Cybersecurity industry. These specialised recruitment agencies are committed to helping companies to source for the most qualified cybersecurity professionals in the most skilled manner.


There are numerous recruiters and headhunters available in the market, so it is important for companies to choose the right recruitment agencies.

Cybersecurity companies are concerned if recruitment agencies are qualified to source for suitable talents. As cybersecurity is a relatively new industry, companies have the impression that recruitment agencies are not keeping abreast of the latest trends of cybersecurity and thus unable to provide the right talents.

However, instead of collaborating with general recruitment agencies, companies can engage with recruitment agencies who specialised in IT and Cybersecurity sector. These agencies have the right network of contacts and are crucial for finding those talents with specialised skillsets needed for cybersecurity. Therefore, these agencies understand the requirements and introduce the right people which provides companies to utilise resources efficiently.



With the rising demand for cybersecurity services, the need for hiring cybersecurity employees is necessary and this leads to a rise in cybersecurity recruitment. It is important to engage with the right recruitment agencies to ensure the candidates are skilled and suitable. As a result, companies can achieve a talent pool of cybersecurity experts who are more competent to tackle future cyber attacks.

EPS Consultants is a leading recruitment agency specialising in Cybersecurity, IT, technology and corporate recruitment and staffing services. The consultants in EPS are competent and proficient in the Cybersecurity industry. As a specialist, our consultants understand companies’ situation and able to offer solutions. Hence, our consultants can leverage their knowledge and expertise to source and identify the most qualified candidate that meets the Cybersecurity companies’ hiring needs.


Due to the shortage of talents especially for cybersecurity recruitment, having an extensive database will aid in gaining wider access to the cybersecurity talent pool.

EPS has garner years of experience in the IT, Technology and the relatively new Cybersecurity recruitment industry.  Our recruitment consultants have built up their professional and personal contacts in this industry and can harness their network of contacts and help identify suitable candidates. Therefore, the consultants can reach out to a wider pool of talents and have a higher success rate of sourcing for best-quality candidates.

Besides, cybersecurity recruitment requires consultants to be specific when it comes to sourcing for suitable candidates. EPS consultants are equipped with market-leading tools and job portal applications which allow them to expand their search for highly qualified candidates. Thus, with the advantage of EPS extensive candidates’ database, cybersecurity companies can certainly count on EPS to do the necessary to secure the qualified candidates in the Cybersecurity industry.

Below are some of the roles in Cyber Security sector that EPS is capable of sourcing the best talents for your organizations.:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Advanced Threat Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • SOC Managers / Analysts
  • Security Architect
  • Network and Security Engineer
  • Application Security Engineer
  • Security Presales Consultant
  • IT Security Auditors
  • Splunk Engineer
  • Crypto Security Engineer
  • Cyber Defence Analyst
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Security Operations Manager
  • Data Security Technical Consultant
  • Product Support Engineer
  • Identity Access Management Analyst
  • SIEM and Big Security Data Analytics Engineer
  • Red Teaming / Penetration Testing Engineer

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