How Can an Employer Help an Employee Deal with Mental Health in the Workplace?

Welcome to our new online series on Mental Health in the Workplace. Taking care of our employees’ mental health is vital and we’ve brought together some of the world’s experts on this topic to share their thoughts with you. Our panel of 10 specialists will tell you

4 Ways to Improve Candidate Care

Great candidate care must be necessary to obtain respect and trust from candidates. This article will give you tips on how to take care of both your passive and active candidates and build credibility🙌💟 Read full article:

Job Hopping Frustrates Employees as Much as Employers

As much as employers dislike jobhoppers, employees too, dislike to hop around to different jobs. There could be a good reason why jobhoppers exist. In this case, this article shows you a different perspective on jobhopper and how employers can engaged them to be committed and resourceful

How to Write Job Ads for Millennials and Gen Z

  For employers, learning to write job ads that speak to what appeals to today's generation is critical to draw the best for your organization. In this article, it has identified 4 important points for employers to keep in mind to appeal to the generation of today.

Understanding the Job Seeker: 3 Steps to Making a Connection that Lasts

Finding a new job is stressful. Just think about all the steps a person has to take before accepting a new job: searching for work, preparing an application, sending it in, talking to a recruiter…that’s four steps already and we’re still a long way from extending an

How to write an epic job description (in 500 words)

  How to write an epic job description (in 500 words) With the average candidate visiting between 12-18 sites before they even get to your jobs, it’s exceptionally important to use that job real estate wisely once they do. Candidates are doing most of their research in

LinkedIn’s ’Recruiter Dad’ Is the Recruiting Parody You Didn’t Know You Needed

Need to attract more jobseekers to apply to your job posting? here is an article that can help you to write a more intriguing job description to attract the talents you need Read Full Details:  

4 Tips for Getting Great Results from Your Career Page

We’ve all been there—looking for openings on a company’s site only to find a poorly designed and out of date career page, possibly with a lone job on it that expired three months ago. What’s the only thing missing from this experience? A tumbleweed blowing past and

8 Personality Traits of Successful Hires

With many positions receiving hundreds of qualified applicants, narrowing down the pool of applicants can be a challenge. Although skills are important, making the right match to your company culture is also critical for long-term retention. Here are 8 personality traits you should look for in interviews

Understand the Science behind Writing Effective Resumes and Get Shortlisted

Writing your resume is the first step in applying for the job you want. It is an art as well as a science. If you can impress potential employers on paper, you’ll win the chance to wow them with you personality at the interview stage. But how

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