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How Digitization Affects the Role of Recruitment after the Coronavirus Pandemic

Digitization in recruitment has accelerated rapidly in the recent years, and further more amidst the Coronavirus Virus pandemic which amplified our reliance on digitization to carry out day to day activities despite the constraint of interaction between humans.

The potential in digitization in the recruitment industry has always been available such as conducting interviews through Skype and Zoom however recruiters do not practice this digitalised working system unless it is necessary. This year, the need for digitized recruitment is further recognized as the need for automation increases in order to keep in connections with clients and potential candidates. As people adapt more into digitalisation working behaviours, the need for physical interaction declines as we move towards online interviews in recruitment firms.

For recruiters, the coronavirus pandemic force many of them to adapt to virtual interviews as visiting of clients face to face is prohibited, which can be challenging to many as the lack of in-person interaction might incur more time needed for the recruitment process and likewise decision making for the client. However, digitization recruitment do offer a number of interesting advantages as the world shift towards a digitalised age.

Shifting towards a digitalised workforce in recruitment industry

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Accelerated Automation

Before the coronavirus pandemic, one of the biggest challenge recruiters had to deal with are the shortage of talent. However, this coronavirus pandemic created more opportunities in talent acquisition as more and more companies start to retrench talents and minimize staff employment capacity. Now, recruiters are faced with sectors where a sudden demand of staff increases which consist of processing large numbers of online assessments and job interviews as quickly and effectively as possible.

Digitization recruitment consisting of automated recruitment techniques is exactly what they need. Online tools that helped the digitization of recruitment includes webs such as Jobcentral, Jobstreet, Monster and many more which help jobseekers accelerated the job seeking process and likewise for recruiters to easily source for suitable candidates via these sites. This speeds up the process of recruitment and the chance of finding a suitable career for individual heightens.

Online Interviews and Meetings

Job interviews are an important but time-consuming part of the recruitment process. As digitization in recruitment slowly increase its popularity and face-to-face interviews declines, recruiters have quickly discovered a handful of useful tools to carry out online interviews. Some application even allow recruiters to pick up on applicants’ non-verbal signals, which is an important aspect of interviewing. Using online application tools can create more efficiency and effectiveness by saving valuable time for both recruiters and candidates. For example, candidates save time and money on traveling, while recruiters discover time-to-hire is shortened.

Online video telephony applications such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams rise into popularity during the pandemic as more organisation were forced to digitalise their work flow due to the strict rules implemented.

Job postings and advertisement

Digitization Recruitment allow recruiters to maximize the potential and effectiveness of a well-written job posting. Recruiters are known for some time for their well-written, easy-to-find online job ads which are essential for an effective recruitment process. Nonetheless, many recruiters still face difficulty doing so as they try to fit this into their daily workload in the office. Now that more companies start to practice working from home and flexible working schedules, recruiters have more time to focus on a well-written job ad as there is less distraction from colleagues and fewer ad-hoc requests when working from home.

Today’s technology urge recruiters to pay more attention to writing advertisements that appeal to their target candidates and candidates browse through different online portals for job search. This encourage recruiters to focus more on writing good vacancy texts, with the help of digitization recruitment. Online text metrics tools also offer a great service to help you make sure that your recruitment texts are well-written, easy to find and fully targeted at the right audience.

With that being said, Digitization Recruitment will kick start the Digitalized Recruitment Workforce in preparation for the future.

Thus, the future of recruitment will mainly be digitalised which recruiters have to adapt to at a quick pace to remain relevant in today’s world. Technology is advancing at an increasingly fast pace and as recruitment agencies transition towards digitize recruitment, there is an absolute need for recruiters to develop skills that will be effective and efficient in sustaining strong clientele relationship and protect HR interest by ensuring sustainable recruitment process.

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