About Us
Founded in 1993 with a strong corporate belief to deliver innovative, cost-effective and value-added services to our clients and business partners. We now pride ourselves as being the top recruitment, manpower outsourcing and talent management service provider in Singapore.
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IT Outsourcing
A Market Leader in IT Contract Staffing & Manpower Outsourcing, We provide IT outsourcing services in areas such as enterprise-wide desktop and office software/equipment support, as well as data centre operations. We deploy our highly-skilled IT professionals and staff to undertake these outsourcing projects to ensure a first-rate service delivery to our clients.
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At EPS Consultants, We pride ourselves in being the premier recruitment agency in Singapore and in Malaysia. Whether it’s job search or career planning, our consultants are always ready to assist and give recruitment advice. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Singapore, we focus on providing cost-effective and value-added services to help our clients save cost.
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Our consultants are well-trained and experienced in sourcing, recruiting, interviewing and selecting the best talent available in the market to fulfill the short and long term needs of our client companies. We provide recruitment specialists across different industries, and currently support a large regional network of contractors from a broad range of industries. In today’s fast-pace economy, we strive to supply the most flexible recruitment and HR solutions to organizations of all sizes from all across the Asia Pacific region, to help them keep up with the latest changes in the industry.