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Due to strong demands for IT manpower and the difficulties to source and deploy suitable IT talents on a timely basis to meet project timelines, many organizations have embraced and worked with third party companies to handle the full spectrum of their IT staffing needs. including recruitment and selection, on-boarding, staff management, payroll processing, resignation and termination, as well as staff replacement and exit arrangement. 

EPS is a IT Manpower outsoursing service provider

EPS is well-versed with all aspects of IT skill-sets, from software applications and E-commerce development tools, technical support, network and system infrastructure.

With our IT talent pools who range from working-level technical staff, all the way to project manager and IT director, we could put together a dedicated IT team who are then deployed to your worksite to undertake your stipulated IT projects, or to operate your day-to-day IT operations.


Benefits of IT Manpower Outsourcing

There are many benefits of using IT manpower outsourcing service or IT managed services, which include but not limited to the following:

You no longer need to worry about the problems and challenges in trying to source and recruit IT talents. We will help to identify and deploy suitably qualified IT talents to your organization to carry out the necessary works.

You no longer need to manage the higher attrition rate amongst the IT talents as we will help to ensure timely deployment of replacement IT candidates where required. We also have staff retention incentives in-place which will also help to retain and to motivate the IT talents to stay on the assigned projects.

Some of the IT projects have project cycles and you may only require certain IT talents for a specified period of time, and therefore, there is no need to employ the IT candidates on a full-time permanent basis. Our IT manpower outsourcing model allows you to scale up or scale down on the IT talents required based on project cycles to meet with your internal demands.


There could be a subset of specific IT functions which you may wish to outsource to us so that your internal IT team could focus on more important IT projects of strategic value to your organization. Some of these IT functions may be day-to-day IT technical and desktop support services, or IT application system maintenance and operation. By outsourcing non-core IT functions to us, you are also freeing up your internal IT resources to focus on more important corporate IT projects.

In addition to Singaporean and Singapore PR staff, we have the capability to source and deploy suitable IT talents from around the region, including Japan. We will take charge of all their work pass applications under our company’s foreign quota and this will help to remove any work pass constraints which you might have when hiring foreign IT talents.   Having said this, our company’s policy is to have a strong Singaporean core workforce and we will continue to embrace and uphold this policy when servicing our customers.

You will enjoy mid to long-term cost-savings when outsourcing to us as we can help to source and deploy IT talents who have the requisite technical skill-sets to carry out the tasks well, and yet still work within your reasonable IT budgets. Our pricing model offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness to best suit your needs.

We have regional operations and where required, we can propose a regional service model which can cover multiple countries in the ASEAN region and you will enjoy a one-stop management service right here in Singapore and let us take care of your regional IT staffing needs.

We believe in offering the highest quality services to our clients. To this end, we have obtained an international quality service standard (ISO 9001-2015) specifically for our IT manpower outsourcing services. This helps us to ensure the robustness and comprehensiveness of the processes involving our full IT manpower outsourcing service, thereby ensuring that we provide a first-rate quality service to you, our treasured customer.

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