What is IT Outsourcing service in Singapore?

It makes strong business sense for many organizations to embrace IT Outsourcing as a service model to leverage on expertise to deliver the required IT services to their internal users so that companies can in turn focus on their core business functions. One of the most common difficulties faced by companies’ IT team is keeping up with the vast range of IT functions that are constantly transforming and developing. With a mutually beneficial partnership between the organisation and a proficient service provider, it takes away the many challenges posed by the fast-changing IT technologies and infrastructure.

IT Outsourcing refers to the strategic engagement of external IT services providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business processes with functions ranging from infrastructure to software development, maintenance, and support.

How can IT Outsourcing value add to your company?

There is a wide range of scenarios and benefits in which companies leverage on IT Outsourcing.

Gain a competitive edge

Boost the top line

Engaging an IT Outsourcing company is more cost-efficient than building an in-house IT management team. This is especially true for SMEs that are managing growth. Cost savings can come in the form of labour, training, operations, and even equipment. By working closely with these strategic suppliers, companies can off-load these duties to take advantage of the cost savings with minimal capital outlay.

Access to top-notch capabilities

Access to top-notch capabilities

Outsourcing IT services allow businesses to tap into more substantial business technology resources. These IT Outsourcing companies make a living out of providing IT services. It is only natural that they are experts in what they do and have the capabilities to support companies’ IT operations with their technical expertise that present employees may not offer.

Maintaining sharp focus on business’s core competencies

Maintaining sharp focus on business’s core competencies

By outsourcing IT services, companies are able to free up internal resources and manpower, giving them the ability to channel additional budget towards the main functions of the business. IT internal staff should not be juggling with day-to-day technological challenges, but instead, focusing their efforts on core competencies of the company.

Why EPS is chosen as an IT Outsourcing Partner

EPS, together with its highly competent IT staff, are able to offer comprehensive first-rate IT services to our clients. Our IT capabilities are designed to be more scalable, agile, credible, and responsive to your business industry, model, and requirements. At EPS, we strive to deliver exceeding results consistently.

We understand that in the world of IT, technical faults and issues are bound to occur. Our consultants are realistic and do not over-promise. However, an open and responsive communication channel is guaranteed. In the event of any problem faced by clients, EPS will always be there to provide solutions.

Exclusive benefits offered by EPS’s It Outsourcing Service

Based on your specific needs, our Executive Search Recruiters will source, match, and recommend talents who best fit your requirements. At EPS, we adopt proven Executive Search techniques to identify candidates through a variety of channels, and also provides exclusive benefits which include but not limited to the following:-

Onsite Desktop and Technical Support

Onsite Desktop and Technical Support

EPS will deploy its technical specialist(s) to be based on-site to provide day-to-day desktop and technical support services. This would include all desktop, notebook, printers, and other related hardware and accessories.

In addition, the technical specialist(s) will also help to install software and applications to desktop and notebooks and set up and maintain email accounts. In short, our friendly specialists will ensure that your day-to-day technical issues and problems are resolved in a timely manner.

System and Server Implementation and Maintenance

System and Server Implementation and Maintenance

Whether you are installing MS server, Linux, or UNIX server, our system and network engineer(s) will be at hand to assist the tasks that are executed to ensure a smooth operation. In addition to the servers, they will also take care of connectivity issues, system interface, other system and network connections, and all related hardware and software matters. They are competent to ensure the configuration and installation are done seamlessly and to comply with industry standards.

Software Development & Mobile Apps Developments

Software Development / Mobile Apps Development

Although we do not offer turnkey software development services, EPS has a large pool of highly qualified and experienced software developers and project managers who are well-versed with software development tools such as Java, Dot Net, IOS, and Android application. We could deploy
these software professionals to work onsite at our client’s office on a contract staffing arrangement. We can also deploy highly specialized software professionals who are well-versed with SAP, banking Applications, etc.

IT Call Center and Customer Service

IT Call Center and Customer Service

Some of our global clients engage us to manage their global and regional IT call center and customer support services. Our IT call center and customer service specialists are deployed at the call center facilities to respond to telephone calls and email queries to provide technical resolution suggestions. They are well-trained front-line support personnel with strong customer management expertise to provide first-line resolution in line with established call center key performance indicators. In cases where the issue required deep technical analysis and resolution, our specialists will activate level 2 or deep support teams to provide deeper technical resolution.

IT Shared Services

IT Shared Services

EPS currently supports global projects with social media companies to provide technical support and content review and management services. Our shared service professionals also have specific language capability, including strong verbal and written skills in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, etc. We also provide support to MS office applications and clients’ internal application systems.

Process of EPS’s IT Outsourcing Service

5 simple steps are designed to ensure that the transition and handover process of the client’s IT operations to EPS is smooth, efficient, and punctual. 

1. Submission of project details

A dedicated account servicing manager will be appointed and take charge of the project. Client will submit the project details to the point of contact. 

2. Understanding the specifics

Discussions will be held to allow EPS to understand the requirements of the project better. 

3. Internal Discussion

Upon understanding the specifics of the IT operations, the team in charge will hold internal discussion to decide on the methodology, and tools required by the project. 

4. Arrangement for project 

EPS will officially take charge of the IT function and be responsible for all the agreed deliverables.

EPS Singapore

EPS Singapore is a trusted Recruitment partner for local and global clients. Our wide range of staffing solutions include general recruitment, IT recruitment, candidate contingency and executive search, contract staffing, manpower outsourcing and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

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