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EPS Consultants provides large-scale IT sourcing servcies for a wide variety of clientele in infrastructure, network and IT support

What is IT outsourcing?

Many companies around the world now outsourcing whole or part of their IT functions to third party IT vendors.

Typical IT functions which organizations have outsourced include:-

1. Onsite desktop and technical support
2. System and Server Implementation and Maintenance
3. IT Call Center and Customer Support
4. Software Development
5. Mobile Apps Development
6. IT Shared Services

Onsite Desktop and Technical Support

EPS will deploy its technical specialist(s) to be based onsite to provide day-to-day desktop and technical support services. This would include all desktop, notebook, printers and other related hardware and accessories. In addition, the technical specialist(s) will also help to install software and applications to desktop and notebooks and to setup and maintain email accounts. In short, our friendly specialists will ensure that your day-to-day technical issues and problems are resolved on a timely manner.

System and Server Implementation and Maintenance

Whether you are installing MS server, Linux or UNIX server, our system and network engineer(s) will be at hand to assist the tasks are executed to ensure a smooth operation. In addition to the servers, they will also take care of connectivity issues, system interface, other system and network connections and all related hardware and software matters. They are competent to ensure the configuration and installation are done seamlessly and to comply with industry standard.

IT Call Center and Customer Service

Some of our global clients engage us to manage their global and regional IT call center and customer support services. Our IT call center and customer service specialists are deployed at the call center facilities to respond to telephone calls and email queries to provide technical resolution suggestions. They are well-trained front-line support personnel with strong customer management expertise to provide first-line resolution in line with established call center key performance indicators. In cases where the issue required deep technical analysis and resolution, our specialists will activate the level 2 or deep support teams to provide deeper technical resolution.

Software Development / Mobile Apps Development

Although we do not offer turnkey software development services, EPS has a large pool of highly qualified and experienced software developers and project managers who are well-versed with software development tools such as Java, Dot Net, IOS and Android application. We could deploy
these software professionals to work onsite at our client’s office on a contract staffing arrangement. We can also deploy highly specialized software professionals who are well-versed with SAP, banking Applications, etc.

IT Shared Services

EPS currently support global projects with social media companies to provide technical support and content review and management services. Our shared service professionals also have specific language capability, including strong verbal and written skills in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, etc. We also provide support to MS office applications and clients’ internal application systems.

Embracing IT Outsourcing

It makes strong business sense for many of our client organizations to embrace IT outsourcing as a service model to leverage on EPS’ expertise to deliver the required IT services to their internal users, so that our clients can in turn focus on their core business functions instead. This creates a win-win arrangement and takes away the many challenges posed by the fast changing IT technologies and infrastructure. EPS, together with its highly competent IT staff, are able to offer a first-rate IT services to our clients.

EPS Consultants provides a full spectrum of staffing solutions including:

Temporary Staffing Services  

We provide temporary staffing solutions to meet your short-term to medium-term hiring needs

Contract Staffing Services 

We have a proven track record of providing contract staffing services for our clients at low cost

Executive Search

We find the best people for your business with our experienced team of recruitment consultants

Payroll Processing

We take care of payroll processing so that you can focus on growing your business

Work Pass Management

We take care of work pass management and compliance issues for hiring foreign or local staff


Outsource your recruitment needs to us and we’ll take care of the rest to suit your business needs

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