Specialists of Japanese Speaking Candidates in Singapore

EPS has a Japan-Desk that supports our client companies in Japan related hiring needs such as hiring a Japanese speaker and hiring a staff in Japan and the region. Our Japan-Desk is teamed by both native Japanese and Japanese speaking local staff to wider the range of Japanese speaking candidates we can reach out to attract.

Our Strengths in sourcing Japanese Speakers

EPS Japan Desk | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore


As a leading local recruitment agency, we provide competitive price rate compared to Japanese agencies.

EPS Japan Desk | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

Local Staff (Japanese Speaking)

We have a database of local staff with Japanese language skill, who can be employed without any concerns in work pass.

EPS Japan Desk | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

Remote Staff

With our operation in Japan (EPS Japan), we are able to source Japanese who can work in a remote arrangement.

EPS Japan Desk | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

Japanese Interns

With our brand, INTERN KAIGAI, EPS has been a market leader in sourcing Japanese interns in the region. Hiring an intern can be a low risk & low cost solution especially when you are about to enter into new market.

EPS Japan Desk | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

Japanese Office Culture

We understand Japanese working culture is unique, and we will make sure that the applying candidate is ready for new working culture.

EPS Japan Desk | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

Hiring in Japan

With our Japan office, we are also able to assist our clients in sourcing canidates in Japan.

Why EPS Is Chosen for Sourcing Japanese Speakers

EPS takes flexible and unique approaches to solve issues of hiring Japanese speaking candidates in Singapore. With multiple types of Japanese speaking candidates we have, we can support our client organizations with their unique needs.

Also, our Japan-Desk works regionally, and our Japan Office will also be a part of support for your organizations when necessary. We can advise you not only about sourcing candidates, but also staffing needs, culture, tips or even hiring in Japan.

Do not know what is the best approach to hire Japanese Speaking Staff?

Feel free to contact our Japan-Desk through our contact form. Our team will be glad to assist you for your best hire.

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