Singapore’s Environmental Sustainability Landscape

Climate change has always been a global challenge and the consequences of this phenomenon have become much more pronounced over the years. Prolonged heatwaves in North America and Europe; massive wildfires in Greece and California; debilitating droughts experienced in Australia. The world has seen a spate of destructive weather and felt the impact of these extremities.

Situated at the equator, Singapore is spared from major disasters and most of the direct effects of climate change. However, our fortunate geography only serves as a temporary shield to the climate impacts. In recent times, Singapore has been experiencing an increase in average temperatures and more severe and frequent flash floods. In fact, thirteen out of the past 15 years have been the warmest in Singapore’s historical record since 1929.

It is evident that no country can escape the impacts of climate change. Therefore, to mitigate the effects of climate change, the Singapore government unveiled the Singapore Green Plan 2030 with the aim to advance the national agenda on sustainable development.

Our role in Environmental and Sustainability

At EPS Consultants, we are mindful of the existential challenge and have made determined efforts to do our part in securing a sustainable future for Singapore.

For a start, leveraging our expertise, combined with our specialist focus, we are able to support and expedite companies’ climate change and environmental sustainability initiatives by providing unrivalled insight into the global talent pool through our vast network of contacts. Our sustainability recruitment consultants also keep themselves abreast of environmental sustainability trends and regulation changes, possessing the ability to supplement businesses’ environmental strategies with timely advice. Our environmental recruitment team takes great pride in recruiting across this developing global sector and doing their part in supporting companies’ green initiatives.  

Challenges in Environmental Sustainability Recruitment in Singapore

The increase in severity of climate change impact coupled with the heightened awareness on environmental sustainability translates to increasing expectations of customers and staff as well as the legislative burden on companies. Introducing green initiatives is not only becoming part of many companies’ corporate social responsibilities but also contributing to the building of greener homes for future generations. This creates more new and exciting job opportunities in the environmental sustainability market.


Lack of expertise in the field

As the environmental sustainability field is in its budding stage, most companies have limited knowledge of the legislation and regulations. Through our experience working with past clients, some have also cited the lack of experience and knowledge in implementing a strong recruitment strategy to attract suitable and qualified candidates. Common challenges faced include the crafting of pertinent job descriptions and interview questions to sieve out competent applicants. 


Shortage of Environmental Sustainability talents

In the past decades, emphasis on environmental sustainability in Singapore was not strong and academic courses offered by educational institutes were also limited. In addition, there was a general stigma of graduates with an environmental science degree, in particular, the number and types of employment opportunities. Most assume that the job market in this field is tight and graduates end up conducting research work. The combination of structural limitations and misconception results in the decrement in environmental sustainability talents in Singapore.

Presently, even with greater emphasis placed on environmental courses and career opportunities, the number of environmental graduates still falls short of the market demand. Many companies faced difficulties in sourcing and securing the right talents to kick start their green plans. Without a strong recruitment strategy and the right connections, the shortage of talents is a tough challenge to overcome.

EPS’ expertise in environmental sustainability recruitment

Widen your Environmental Sustainability talent pool

Navigating through a tight talent pool demands a strong recruitment strategy and an extensive network of contacts. Gain an edge over your competitors by collaborating with an employment agency that specialises in environmental sustainability recruitment to extend your reach.

At EPS consultants, our sustainability recruitment consultants maintained a vast network of sustainability professionals where relationships have been previously established. Through years of rapport building, we have amalgamated a comprehensive database which consists of profiles ranging from different level of seniorities and various industries. Increase your chance of selecting the right candidate for your company and build a strong team to support your sustainability plans.


Tap on our Environmental Sustainability expertise

Tap on our Environmental Sustainability expertise

We have worked with clients from various sectors including corporate, consultancy, and non-profit organisations. Our sustainability recruitment consultants understand the pain points faced by companies who are looking to introduce sustainability initiatives and will work alongside to devise solutions.

Speak to our sustainability recruitment consultants on the challenges faced today. Right from the basics of establishing the job responsibilities of new hires, to the execution of a rigorous candidate selection process, our consultants are trained in all related aspects to provide tactical advice and help. Leverage our expertise and knowledge to a build strong recruitment strategy and pipeline in the environmental sustainability market.


Environmental Sustainability roles that EPS is capable of supporting. 

  • Compliance Manager / Director
  • Sustainability Consultant / Manager / Global Head
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility Manager
  • Responsible, Sourcing Manager
  • Climate Change and Sustainability Manager / Vice President
  • Governance & Risk, Sustainability Manager
  • Head of Sustainable Finance

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