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Temporary staffing service (a.k.a. Temp Staffing service) is getting more popular as one of the strategic staffing options in Singapore. Your trained staff are great assets to your company, so them being away for even a short period time put a brake on your company’s operation.

The temporary staffing landscape is changing a lot especially for high skilled workers. In this competitive market, we are here to serve your needs. Temporary staffing is now more than ever an added value for a company who needs flexibility and reactivity to reply to the market’s ever-changing demand.


Benefit of temporary staffing?

Businesses can face sudden and unexpected staff requirement at any time, and some of the common examples are when your staff are hospitalized, when you won new projects, when your staff are on Maternity leave, etc.

Temporary Staffing service solve your temporal staffing needs, which gives your business a lot of flexibility. In addition, temporary staffing gives companies more benefits such as reduction in cost of hiring and savings on employee benefits costs and training costs and more.


How EPS’s temporary staffing service works?

EPS’s temporary staffing service is designed to assist our clients in fulfilling their short-term staffing needs, which helps companies to adjust your workforce based on your business situation.

We provide our service to start-up companies, SME and MNC. With our large candidate database, our trained staffing consultants will assist you in finding best temporary staff for your short-term needs.

EPS’s temporary staff can be hired under our payroll, which is great value to our clients as it helps them save up a lot of time on staff management.

Flow of Temporary Staffing service

  • Understanding the needs of our client
  • Advisory on the temp staff market
  • Sourcing temp staff
  • Interview Arrangement
  • Arrangement for employment
  • Arrangement for commencement

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