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As companies are evolving more into digitalization and technology is becoming more indispensable, the demand of finding IT talents has increased tremendously. As an IT recruitment agency, we understand the difficulty of finding suitable IT talents. We are focus into finding IT staff that are both qualified and most passionate about their career field. We are able to find the best IT staff with our database of over 200,000 resumes who are passionate and proficient in information systems technology. 

Our Sourcing Strategy

As part of our sourcing strategy, we always upkeep and maintain our own database of pre-screened and qualified IT staff where we will keep in contact with them and always keep in mind of their profiles for any suitable opportunities available. We also encourage referrals from our IT staffs especially for the requirements that is within their area of expertise. This way, it will greatly help in expanding our talent pool and also reach out to those who are passive.


Understanding our client's needs

We believe in understanding our clients’ needs will help us find the best IT talents in the shortest time possible. Upon receiving a request, EPS will obtain the job specifications and communicate with the client directly for clarifications of the job, if any. If EPS feels that further refinements to the job description and/or job responsibilities are necessary to enhance the chances of recruiting the best IT staff for the client, this will be communicated to the client for discussion and consultation. This will also help to attract the right IT staff at the initial stage.


Selection Process

EPS will first conduct preliminary matches against our pre-screened database for suitable IT staff profiles who best meet the job specifications and requirements. EPS will also place appropriate advertisements in its own advertising media where we will identify the best channel to seek the most ideal IT staff. 

EPS will then commence the candidates’ selection process, as follows: –

  • Conduct telephone/ face-to-face interview with the potential IT staff.
  • Confirm and match the IT Staffs; education background, skill-sets and experiences against the client’s requirements.
  • Verification of educational qualifications, positions(s) held, work experience(s), salary and other relevant information.
  • In cases on request by the client, EPS will make arrangements with the candidate to take a written technical test that is prepared by the client’s technical team.
  • After the pre-selection interview by EPS, the shortlisted candidate’s resume will be submitted to the client together with a summary of our assessment of the IT staff’s profile.

After which, EPS will work closely with the clients on the coordination of interview arrangement and offer negotiations. From time to time, we will follow up closely with our clients after each interview arrangement to gather feedback on the IT staff profile. We will from there refine our search process accordingly if required.

In the event where our IT staff are successfully hired by our clients, we will continue to provide support by following up on the hired IT staff feedback even after they have commenced work. Our approach here is to adopt a proactive stance rather than a reactive one in dealing with any issues that may arise with the hired IT staff. We will also keep in close contact with our IT staff on regular basis to ensure that they are contented working with our clients and also to keep their work performance kept up to our client’s expectation.


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