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With rapid technological advancements, business landscapes are transforming and organisations have to keep up with the latest IT trends in order to stay competitive and relevant. Having an optimised digital talent strategy is crucial to companies today as it helps to secure the best and most fitting IT staff who are able to drive business growth.

What is IT Recruitment service in Singapore?

New technologies have changed the face of businesses, especially with the advancement in data and analytics, organisations who are able to keep up and excel in these areas achieve supercharging performance, business innovations and set a new excellence standard in the industry. The failure to adapt runs risks of being left behind in the business world. Hence, hiring teams are struggling to find top-tier IT talents who are capable of delivering satisfactory results while maintaining good dynamics within the team.

IT Recruitment refers to the engagement of a recruitment agency who specialises in the area of Information Technology and acts as a kind of intermediary between a company that’s looking to hire IT professionals and individuals who are looking for employment. Its main function is to source for the most suitable IT staff according to the specifics and requirements given by the client.

How can IT Recruitment value add to your company?

IT Recruitment Services | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

Gain a competitive edge

With the help of experts from recruitment agencies, hiring the right IT talents will no longer be a struggle. Businesses can harness the power of technology more efficiently and gain an edge over their competitors, improve business efficiency, explore new markets for growth, and even gain an international footing.

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Lack of Budget and Resources

One of the most commonly cited reasons for engaging the service of recruitment agencies is the lack of budget or resources to ensure qualified IT candidates are selected. More often than not, there are time constraints for performing a thorough search, especially for the verification process of IT skills. Hence, hiring managers turn to an easier alternative where they arrange for interviews from an agency shortlist.

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Trusted Advisor

Hiring managers can rely on recruiting agencies for expert opinion on current IT trends, recruitment legislation, relevant requirements, and legalities surrounding the industry. An example would be the shift in focus for companies’ IT strategies as they placed higher emphasis on System integration, Security Solutions and Networking services. These industry knowledge and constructive feedback will aid companies in planning of their IT strategies as well as attracting highly sought after IT talents.

Why EPS is chosen as an IT Recruitment Partner

As a recruitment agency who specialises in IT, EPS’s consulting teams comprise a synergetic mix of experts who are well versed in the business and technology arenas. We understand the difficulty of finding suitable IT talents, and thus, we place our focus on finding IT talents that are both qualified and most passionate about their career field. With our elite talent database of over 200,000 resumes who are passionate and proficient in information systems technology, we are able to profile the best suited IT professionals for your organisation.

Benefits offered by Recruitment Service

Based on your specific needs, our experienced IT recruiters will source, match, and recommend IT talents who best fit your requirements. At EPS, we adopt proven IT talent search techniques to identify candidates through a variety of channels, and also provides exclusive benefits which include but not limited to the following:-

IT Recruitment Services | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

Our Sourcing Strategy

As part of our sourcing strategy, we always upkeep and maintain our own database of pre-screened and qualified IT staff where we will keep in contact with them and always keep in mind their profiles for any suitable opportunities available. We also encourage referrals from our IT staff especially for the requirements that are within their area of expertise. This way, it will greatly help in expanding our talent pool and also reach out to those who are passive.

IT Recruitment Services | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

Understanding our client's needs

We believe in understanding our clients’ needs will help us find the best IT talents in the shortest time possible. Upon receiving a request, EPS will obtain the job specifications and communicate with the client directly for clarifications of the job, if any. If EPS feels that further refinements to the job description and/or job responsibilities are necessary to enhance the chances of recruiting the best IT staff for the client, this will be communicated to the client for discussion and consultation. This will also help to attract the right IT staff at the initial stage.

IT Recruitment Services | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

Proactive Model

We adopt a proactive stance rather than a reactive one in dealing with any issues that may arise with the hired IT staff. We will also keep in close contact with our IT staff on a regular basis to ensure that they are contented working with our clients and also to ensure their work performance meets the client’s expectations.

IT Recruitment Services | EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

Leaders of tomorrow

We understand the importance of selecting IT talents who are not only proficient in IT but also exhibits good leadership. We aim to work with clients to address the requirements and new strategic and operational skills required by technological advances. Our well-established and transformational search strategy and regional network allow us to access the highly sought-after leaders of tomorrow.

Process of IT REcruitment Service

We know that every job is unique in its own way, and we have the solutions you are searching for. Our personalized service is developed from our experience working in the industry and we seek to engage with you on a more personal level. Whether you are a business partner or a job-seeker, you can rest assured that we will provide a comprehensive and flexible solution for you.

For a general guide to EPS’s Recruitment processes: –

Submission of Job Description

We take a look at details of hiring positions so that we can advise our clients of our capability for the requested position.

Understanding of the position details

Our executive search and selection specialists will discuss with our clients to have deep understanding of the requested position.

Internal Discussion

We organize an internal team discussion for every member of sourcing team to fully understand your hiring needs and position details.

Candidate Sourcing 

With our internal & external candidate sourcing techniques, we identify and profile suitable talents.

Interview Arrangement

We assist in arranging your selection process, which includes online and/or face to face interviews and assessment test.

Arrangement for Employment

We assist in employment process to ensure the offered candidate gets on board without any issues.

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