Supporting Communities in Need: Driven to make an impact

A caring society is a compassionate one that cares for the less fortunate.

EPS Consultants is dedicated to helping the needy and vulnerable. We pursue the mission through strategic partnerships with organisations and supporting charitable causes that aligned with providing social support for vulnerable individuals via emotional, instrumental and financial means.


Mdm Manickam. 70-year-old Mdm Manickam suffers from Charcot Feet, a condition that causes her feet to be deformed and her toes badly bent.

To get out of her wheelchair, Mdm Manickam needs to put on special shoes that help her move from one spot to the other. She is also diabetic and is on regular insulin injections.

To travel to Changi Hospital for her treatment and back, Mdm Manickam can only rely on the Dedicated North East Ambulance Programme supported by North East Community Development Council (NECDC).

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Dedicated North East Ambulance Programme

The Dedicated North East Ambulance Programme aims to provide subsidised ambulance transport service for needy residents with mobility difficulties to attend their scheduled medical or dialysis appointments.

In support of this cause, EPS Consultants have contributed by donating generously to the North East Community Development Council. With the collective efforts of other donors, individuals with chronic health and mobility issues are given the chance to seek medical treatment safely and timely.

EPS Consultants is on a continuous lookout for philanthropic initiatives that are in line with our vision of being a socially conscious and service-minded organisation.

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