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EPS Consultants is an award-winning recruitment and staffing agency with industry expertise in IT recruitment and IT contract staffing, and we have experienced teams of IT recruitment consultants who can take care of your IT staffing and recruitment needs in Singapore. 

EPS Consultants has grown to be one of the largest IT recruitment & staffing agencies with more than 25 years of IT staffing experience in Singapore. 

As a strong IT recruitment & staffing agency, our account managers and IT recruitment agents possess both formal qualifications and experience in IT recruitment and staff management. Our IT recruitment agents are well-trained and committed to delivering seamless work-flow driven talent acquisition solutions that can help our clients reach their company business goals.

IT Recruitment & Staffing Services

IT Recruitment

We secure highly-skilled IT talents to join your organization and boost your IT-enabled business processes

IT Contract Staffing

We provide contractual IT talents according to your IT project or business needs

IT Manpower Outsourcing

We put together a dedicated IT team who are then deployed to your worksite to undertake your stipulated IT projects

EPS's IT recruitment teams

Our experienced IT recruitment agents

Our dedicated teams of account managers and IT recruitment agents assume the ownership of the overall management of the IT recruitment process. We manage the full end to end IT recruitment cycle from job profiling through the onboarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, process trend analysis and reporting. Our IT recruitment agents are also equipped with proper expertise to understand our clients’ business and technical requirements, resulting in a more effective and efficient solution delivery for our clients.

Well-trained and experienced HR practitioner

As a strong support team of IT recruitment consultants for the clients, we have acquired invaluable experience in IT recruitment, management and retention of contract staff hired directly under our payroll and outsourced them to businesses in various industries in Singapore for more than 25 years. Over this period of time, we have hired more than 5,000 professionals under our payroll providing invaluable solutions to our clients in various industries in Singapore.

Why EPS is chosen as a trusted IT recruitment and staffing agency

EPS maintains a large database of pre-screened and qualified IT staff based on their educational qualifications, skill-sets and working experience in our own database. The database runs on real time as it is updated as and when candidates apply to our job postings from online job portals and our company’s websites. Currently, the database contains more than 100,000 profiles who are actively looking for jobs.

In addition, we also have existing pool of IT staff under our payroll that provides a strong base where we can tap on to fill the service roles required by our clients in meeting their manpower needs. Besides providing job rotation opportunities for our staff who would want to work on a variety of projects to gain new experience and acquire new skills, this pool of experienced IT staff provides assurance to our clients on the availability, reliability and responsiveness of our solutions, even for urgent requests.

EPS Singapore

EPS Recruitment Agency Singapore

EPS Singapore is a trusted Recruitment partner for local and global clients. Our wide range of staffing solutions include general recruitment, IT recruitment, candidate contingency and executive search, contract staffing, manpower outsourcing and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

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