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Hi, I’m Camille from Paris, I’m 21 and I’m working as an intern at EPS Consultants in Singapore from January to July.


What are your duties on a day-to-day basis?

I’m working on two sides: recruitment and business development.
For the recruitment side, I’m executing the whole recruitment process, from sourcing of candidates, reviewing their suitability, conducting interviews to assisting in contract signing and onboarding activities to successfully achieve closure of engineer roles.

Regarding the business development side, I’ve handled French translation for EPS websites and I’m contacting companies to improve the fame of the company as well as offering our services.

I’ve also done marketing tasks such as updating the social networks, creating presentations, conducting market researches, competitor monitoring, and benchmark.


Why did you choose Singapore for your internship?

Topping the ranks in ValueChampion’s study was the Southeast Asian nation of Singapore.

Despite its small size, the city-state punches above its weight economically, recording the highest GDP per capita ($58,000) of all cities studied. That, added to its low unemployment rate of just 2.2 percent and an accommodative business environment, pushed Singapore to first place for employment prospects.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s low levels of pollution, high safety levels, lively entertainment scene and local travel options meant it stole the top spot for quality of life too.


Why did you choose EPS for your internship?

EPS is a medium-sized enterprise specialized in recruitment services in Southeast Asia. I knew that I was going to work with people from Korea, Japan, China so it was quite exciting to me. I was also impressed by the story of EPS, created 26 years ago by Mr. Liang and successfully has grown in Malaysia, Philippines and recently Japan. In addition, I found it amazing that every employee could have talks with the director. Indeed, in big companies, it’ll get harder, especially for an intern.

I’ve also chosen EPS because the internship offer was in two different fields: recruitment and business development. In addition, I’ve done some marketing and online marketing tasks and this is what I was looking for in a 6-month internship, to explore different fields.


What is your plan after the internship?

I’ll continue to visit Southeast Asia for 2 weeks with some friends in Cambodia and Vietnam. Then, I’ll spend two months in Germany to learn German and get an intermediate level. After that, I’ll start a Master in International Business for two years and I’ll define my career project.


How could you present Singapore to further interns?

The weather is almost great all days, around 30 degrees. The MRT is very convenient, fast, on time and with AC! Also, it is a very safe country, so there is no fear of being stolen for example. Singapore has people from different countries/religions, so you’ll get to work and share with people that may have a different point of view. In addition, everyone speaks English here. There are a lot of food courts where you’ll find a wide variety of food for 3 to 5sgd such as chicken curry rice, noodles etc.

To put this in a nutshell, if you want a work experience in Southeast Asia, Singapore is surely one of the best places to be. You’ll gain a real value-added on your resume, meet great people and enjoy the nearest countries during weekends.

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