EPS Consultants supports the hiring of locals during Covid-19

Covid-19 implications for business

The coronavirus outbreak presents both threats and opportunities to businesses around the globe.  When many of the countries imposed lockdown measures to keep the novel covid-19 virus at bay, some industries were hit harder than others, while certain companies thrived and emerge stronger from the crisis.

Mr. Brendan Goh, who was a former entrepreneur, runs an HR consultancy firm in Vietnam. Specialising in the provision of manpower to international factories, the establishment suffered a greater impact than others and inevitably was adversely affected by the global economic slowdown.

Brendan made the choice to return to Singapore and start all over from scratch, enduring 8 months of hardships during his job search.

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Playing our part in supporting local Singaporeans

Having been in the recruitment industry for 27 years, EPS Consultants understand organisations’ hiring sentiments, especially during such a tough business climate. It is envisaged that the Singapore job market will remain tight especially in selected industries. Economic projections fluctuate continually and many job seekers face difficulties in landing a job, less their dream career.

Having built business resilience and contingencies into its business models, EPS Consultants and its group of companies are not only able to maintain our local headcounts but we are also blessed with the ability to provide more job opportunities for new hires to help expand EPS’ businesses in Singapore and the region.

EPS’ CEO, Kevin Liang, has personally conducted the interview session with Brendan and recognised the possible synergy between the company and him. The decision to offer Brendan the role at EPS was one of our deliberated efforts to support the hiring of displaced Singaporeans within our capacity.

Brendan now holds the position of a Business Development Manager in EPS, taking charge of strategizing and pursuing business opportunities with prospective clients. Tapping on his expertise and knowledge of the Vietnam market, he is also spearheading EPS’ expansion plans into this untapped space. Most importantly, Brendan is back to doing what he loves.

EPS Consultants is both honoured and privileged to be able to do our part in supporting the hiring of locals, providing individuals whom we crossed paths with a second chance to do what they love and earn a livelihood.

For the full article on Today’s Jobseeker Diaries, please click here: https://www.todayonline.com/voices/jobseekers-diaries-i-went-business-owner-mover-im-finally-back-doing-what-i-love


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