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5 Reasons To Hire The Best Recruiter In Singapore

In today’s highly competitive, candidate-driven job market, there has been a sharp increase in the difficulty of hiring the right candidates without taking up a considerable amount of business hours and resources. The best way to circumvent this will be by outsourcing hiring tasks to the Best Recruiter in Singapore, such as EPS Consultants. With over 23 years of expertise under its belt, EPS is a one-stop staffing and outsourcing company that provides a comprehensive range of staffing solutions.

Listed below are five reasons why you should consider seeking out recruitment services in Singapore.

Gain Access to An Extensive Database Of Qualified Candidates.

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The best recruiters in Singapore would have established an extensive database of candidates. EPS Consultants, for instance, has over 200,000 candidate resumes. Having been screened through numerous techniques and strategies, these candidates tend to be highly-skilled and qualified. Since recruitment agencies recruit for a living, they have expertise not just in finding excellent candidates but also in making sure that these candidates are indeed a great fit for a certain position.

Industry Specialization

In a scenario where a company has decided to hire a developer, with its in-house human resource personnel knowing very little about coding, engaging a specialized recruiter is imperative. Most of the best recruiters in Singapore are specialized in certain industries or functions. Take EPS Consultants as an example. Specializing in IT, EPS Consultants is consistently hand-picked for its depth of experience, business acumen, and consistent career successes to ensure organizations receive the highest level of professional IT staffing representation.

Cost Savings

When companies spend time on their core competencies and entrust the candidate search and pre-screening to a recruiter, they are saving money. With the assistance of a seasoned recruitment agency, companies can allocate valuable time to running their core business operations, saving them money over the long term.

Maintaining A Professional Image

More often than not, startups and small and medium enterprises lack the expertise and resources to find and hire the best candidates. To ensure that their hiring process is done professionally and efficiently, they seek help from recruitment agencies. When a company does not know how to recruit in a highly professional fashion, it is wise to outsource their talent acquisition functions to the best recruiters.

Fewer Risks

Sometimes, bad hires are inevitable. They may leave the organization for various reasons or be terminated before their contracts expire. The best recruiters in the market often provide additional security when it comes to new hire retention, with the most common being guarantee periods. This means that recruitment agencies guarantee that a new hire will remain at a company for a specified period. Failing which, these agencies will then offer companies a full refund or, more commonly, find a new replacement candidate at no additional charges.

In short, choosing the right recruitment agency can help companies
recruit and retain the right people faster and even cheaper. With the aforementioned reasons in mind, what is stopping you from working with a recruitment agency to fill your hiring needs? Speak to one of our recruitment consultants today to have your concerns resolved!

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