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How Temp Staffing works in Singapore

What are Temp Staffing Services in Singapore?

Temp staffing services – popularly known as Temporary staffing services, are a strategic employment option that businesses use to augment their workforce on an on-demand basis.

Temp agencies play an intermediate role; connecting individuals who are seeking for temporary work and companies who are looking to fill non-permanent vacancies.

The typical duration of temporary staffing depends on the projects and work assignments of the company, which could last anywhere from a few weeks to a year.

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Temp Staffing in Singapore’s job market today

It is undeniable that temp staffing plays a major role in today’s job market. Singapore which was then known for being an immature market for temp staffing has seen a rise in the number of temporary and contractual workers in recent years.

This is evident in the Labour Force Survey released by MOM in 2019 where the part-time share of employment increase from 17.5% in 2018 to 18.4% in 2019. Temp workers have become an integral part of the business landscape and it is crucial for both employees and employers to understand how best they can work with temp agencies to their best advantage.

Process of Temp Staffing in Singapore

The process of working with a temp agency would typically be like:

  1. Clients who are in need of temporary workers sign a contract with the agency, where details such as job descriptions, salary, and benefits are clearly drawn out.
  2. Agency source for suitable candidates according to the pre-agreed criteria from their ready pool of candidates. Certain agencies might incorporate the use of other tools and connections in the sourcing and selection process.
  3. Profiles of chosen candidates will be sent to the client for selection.
  4. All HR Administrative processes such as onboarding, paying of salary and firing of the contractual staff are under the care of the agency.
  5. Clients then pay the agency the hourly wages of all the temp workers provided, plus an additional agency fee for the services provided.

Benefits of engaging the services of Temp Agencies in Singapore

Amid a pandemic where the global economy enters a slump, businesses switch to temp staffing as a solution that is flexible, time and cost-effective in managing their human resources.

In business terms, time is money and resources should be channelled to support core business operations that are revenue-generating in nature. Instead of going through lengthy hiring processes, companies turn to engage the services of temp agencies for their staffing needs. This is especially true for short-term work projects or seasonal demand where companies observe a sudden spike in the number of headcounts needed. In such cases, temp agencies are able to provide a large number of qualified contractual workers within a short time frame.

Organisations also enjoy cost-savings such as a reduction in the cost of hiring, savings on employees benefit costs and training costs. With flexible control of resources, companies are able to closely manage their spending and pay only for the required work.

Still unsure whether temp staffing is the right model for you, refer to the Types of Employment guide to help you decide on the best and most suitable hiring option.

Working with a specialised Temp Agency in Singapore

Similar to recruitment firms, temp agencies can be categorised according to the type of services they provide, namely – general temp agency and specialised temp agency.

A general temp agency is able to fulfil an array of basic job positions. Their candidate database is often equipped with contractual workers who have little training, basic academic certificates and minimum work experience. As a result, these agencies have a large and ready pool of temp staff which can help companies fill basic job openings, such as production line workers and janitorial staff, at a lower cost and achieve fast turnaround time.

A specialised temp agency focuses on niche industries or job positions. Their talent database is filled with profiles of skilled workers who are armed with the relevant work experience, educational certificates and specific skillsets Companies who are looking to fill temporary job openings that require skilled workers, such as IT support or safety engineers, can look to partner with a specialised temp agency to hire the right talent as a cost and time-efficient solution.

How can EPS Consultants value add to your company?

Understand your hiring needs and the workings of temp agencies to get the most value out of the partnership. Still confused as to which options are best suited for your needs, speak with our friendly consultants to arrange for a session tailored to your recruitment activities.

EPS Consultants is Singapore’s trusted Recruitment Agency with 25 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves as a one-stop staffing solution agency, providing a comprehensive range of Recruitment, Contract and Temporary Staffing services in Singapore and the region.

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