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In today’s dynamic business landscape, firms are looking to innovate and adapt to strategies and approaches for talent acquisition and staff management. As with the volatile nature of the economy, organizations are seeing erratic changes in demands and seasonal business cycle patterns are undergoing drastic alterations where firms find it hard to predict. This calls for businesses to stay on their toes, ready to take on flexible and agile staffing solutions in order to meet the fluctuating demands and staffing needs. To ensure the best staffing solution is chosen for every hiring needs that the firm faces, hiring managers have to be, first, well informed of the available staffing solutions in Singapore. It is only when you are fully aware of your artillery, can you make wise decisions on the type of weapons to win the battle.

What is a Staffing Agency in Singapore?

Staffing Agency in Singapore, also known as Employment Agency, Recruitment Agency, and Manpower Agency. These agencies are companies that specialize in providing support and assistance to other organisations’ recruitment and staffing requirements. For more information on how to select the best employment agency for your company, click here.  

Types of Staffing Solutions in Singapore

1. Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services, also known as Permanent Employment Services, are the most common type of staffing solutions. Permanent employees are workers who are hired under an employment contract that does not have a predetermined end date. They are typically in charge of core business operations. By subscribing to recruitment services of an employment agency, they play the role of an intermediary between a company that’s looking to hire permanent employees and a job seeker who is looking for such employment opportunities. By choosing the right employment agency, you can trust them in sourcing and selecting the most suitable candidate according to the specifics and requirements given by the client.  

2. Executive Search Services

Executive Search Services refer to the engagement of an executive search agency that specialise in fulfilling executive and beyond positions. This service is targeted at a more specific range of roles as compared to general recruitment services. Positions include top management roles (CEOs, COOs, CFOs) to managerial positions (Regional Directors, Country Managers, General Managers) and even associates level (Assistants, Junior Executive, Admin). Under this service, headhunting is one of the most common methods exercised by an employment agency where they identify and reach out to specific candidates (passive or active) to fill senior positions in organisations. Clients can also provide information on individuals who they are keen to bring on board and head hunters will initiate confidential contact to check if candidates are willing to explore other career opportunities. With executive search services, companies can find the best available executive match and build superior leadership teams.  

3. Temporary Staffing Services

Temporary Staffing Services refers to working with an employment agency to hire talents under a short-term arrangement. The duration of temporary staffing depends on the work assignments or projects of the company. It typically lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Under Temporary Staffing Services, a separate arrangement known as temp-to-hire is becoming increasingly popular. It is a great option for employers and prospective employees, where this hiring option act as a testing ground for both parties. If the temporary employee is deemed fitting to the company, and he/she is interested to further his stay in the organisation, a permanent contract will be offered. Temporary Staffing Services are popular amongst firms that experience a spike in demand, staffing shortages, or the absence of regular employees. Such staffing options are commonly used to smooth out peaks and valleys in an enterprise’s journey. Also, it acts as a hedge against bad hires where employers can test the suitability and capabilities of newcomers before offering them a permanent position.  

4. Contract Staffing Services

Similar to Temporary Staffing, Contract Staffing Services also refers to engaging an employment agency to hire professionals and staff under a temporary arrangement. However, the key difference lies in the employment arrangement. Employees under contract staffing are hired under the employment agency’s headcount instead of the client’s. This helps to relieve any manpower limit issues that clients face. In addition, workers are employed under a fixed-term contract where they are required to work for a specific amount of time, or till the completion of a specific project, which has been set and agreed in advance. According to years of experience, companies typically engage in contract staffing services when they have fully utilised their quota for employee headcount. The full-time employees of such firms are usually fully-loaded and in need of extra hands.   Choose the most suitable type of staffing solutions according to your business hiring needs. Work with employment agencies who offer a comprehensive range of services – Recruitment, Executive Search, Temporary, and Contract Staffing Services to avoid having to liaise with multiple vendors. This helps to save time, speed up, and streamline your hiring process. For a more personalised and tailored advice, speak with our friendly consultants and have your problem resolve today!

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