Remote Staffing Service in Singapore

Hire professionals in Singapore remotely, seamlessly, and compliantly without setting up local legal entities here.

What is Remote Staffing service in Singapore?

Remote staffing in Singapore refers to the employment of professionals residing in Singapore by organisations based in other parts of the world. As these firms typically do not have an office set up in Singapore, employees hired under the remote staffing model will work outside of a traditional office environment.

With a well-developed digital communications infrastructure, professionals in Singapore enjoy a conducive environment to work remotely. Driven by the recent shift in perception of remote work arrangements, talents in Singapore are accustomed and even welcoming of this new work option.  

Singapore, known as the Little Red Dot, has a limited workforce, but it has also traditionally been known for offering a skilled talent pool. In the last decades, the Singapore government has strengthened its efforts in growing and nurturing larger skilled professionals. More recently, Singapore ranks 1st in Asia-Pacific and 3rd worldwide in the INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index. Being one of the few Asian countries to make it to the top ten, Singapore is known to be a great talent hub for workers with strong regional experience.

Also known for its strategic geographical location, Singapore is a sweet spot for companies that are looking to expand into the Asia market. However, due to the high rental cost and regulatory requirements, setting up an office in Singapore can be both expensive and complex. Therefore, remote staffing in Singapore serves as a revolutionary and key strategy for firms based outside of Singapore to hire top talents without setting up a legal entity here.

How can Remote Staffing in Singapore value add to your company?

Remote staffing in Singapore has proven to be particularly effective for all types of companies, ranging from start-ups to MNCs

Skilled workforce

Singapore offers a highly skilled and cosmopolitan labour force. The Singapore government is also proactive in ensuring that the local workforce is up-to-date with skills needed in various job functions. Hire local employees who have updated skillsets and future-ready capabilities, which enhances company productivity.

Enjoy cost-savings

Remote staffing in Singapore is adopted as a strategic cost-cutting measure for many organisations. Without incurring the cost and risks of setting up a physical office in Singapore, companies are able to tap on qualified talents to achieve greater overall success for the company.

Scalable company growth

Asia’s market holds enormous promise for businesses but navigating the market to unlock these opportunities might not be as easy. Hiring talents in Singapore enable firms to blend local leaders with market knowledge. They provide a path to success for companies’ attempt to scale regionally.


The complex employment regulations and high costs have caused many organisations to seek professional help from employment agencies that specialised in the provision of remote staffing services in Singapore. EPS Consultants provides a one-stop solution that encompasses the full suite of services for remote staffing – Talent Acquisition, Interview Arrangement, Employees Onboarding, Payroll, Employee Benefits, and Compliance & Tax.

Garnering over 25 years of experience in the recruitment and staffing industry in Singapore, EPS Consultants is well-acquainted with the employment regulations and hiring practices in the labour market. Our remote staffing team is equipped with the right expertise to provide clients with hiring tips and advice to attract and secure the ideal candidate.

EPS Consultants has a proven track record of providing remote staffing in Singapore.

Below are some common roles that are suitable for remote staffing: 


E-commerce Manager

Marketing Manager

Account Manager

Content Copywriter

Product Manager

Digital Illustrator

SEO Manager


Customer Experience Manager

With our experience in hiring remote staff in Singapore, we have built an extensive database of candidates across various industries and an array of positions. Establish your competitive edge in the market by finding the most fitting talent with a quick turnaround time. 

EPS Consultants has always prided itself in offering quality services at a cost-efficient rate. We aim to build a long-standing relationship with our clients instead of a one-time transactional exchange. This belief stands firm when we tailor service agreements for our clients, enabling a mutually beneficial and trustable bond to be formed. Our long-standing history in Singapore also equipped us with the expertise and knowledge to select suitable talents according to the companies’ hiring requirements at the best rate.

Hiring in a foreign country like Singapore, comes with risks and many unknown factors, especially when companies have no prior knowledge or experience in the country. At EPS Consultants, we provide quality support over a full suite of services for remote staffing in Singapore – Talent Acquisition, Interview Arrangement, Employees Onboarding, Payroll, Employee Benefits, and Compliance & Tax.

Companies can leverage our expertise and familiarity with the countries’ employment landscape and minimised any risks involved in the hiring process. 

Companies can avoid spending unnecessary time reading up on employment compliance and tax regulations as we have it all covered. This gives employers the bandwidth and resources to focus on their core competencies, while we handle the tedious and administrative work.  

Working with EPS Consultants ensure that you have full control of the design and composition of how we hire your remote staff in Singapore. The entire process is customisable, right from the sourcing of candidates, conducting of interviews, handling of staff onboarding to the managing of payroll, employee benefits, and taxes.

Process of Remote Staffing in Singapore

At EPS, our consultants are trained to take a client-centric approach. During the remote staffing process, our experts ensure that companies’ needs are clearly understood before designing and personalising the process to the requirements of the company. For a general guide to EPS’ remote staffing processes: –

Submit hiring requirements

Upon submission of JDs, our consultants will provide advice on the salary market range and the selection of qualifications to prioritise.

Internal Discussion

We organize an internal team discussion for every member of the sourcing team to fully understand your hiring needs and position details.

Evaluate handpicked candidates

Every candidate is handpicked and pre-screened to ensure they meet the hiring requirements and qualify for the role.

Interview Arrangement

Once clients have selected the candidate they would like to interview, we will proceed to schedule a face-to-face or virtual interview.

Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is fully customisable. Your offshore staff will be equipped with the right tools and infrastructure to start working.  

Managing of remote employee

Companies can focus on leading, while we handle the administrative procedures like payroll, leave management, compliance, and taxes.

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